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Baking To Get Baked

MJ Odingreen

Baking To Get Baked ebook and websites

MJ Odingreen (Michael Rubens) and I partnered to create and publish a cookbook of cannabis edible recipes. Unlike many cannabis cookbooks, this one is based on his special technique - POT FLOUR. Most of those cookbooks use traditional cannabis-infused butter. To avoid the time and hassle of making butter, grinds activiated-cannabis into flour. Next, he combines it with regular baking flour and creates various edibles.

I created both websites used to promote the book and Michael. The logo (circle, portrait of Michael, and lettering) was created by Super Screen Print in Denver, Colorado. Then I adapted that logo for the website and business card with leaves and titles. 

Recipes and stories in the book provided by Michael Rubens. Book production by me with the help of Launie Kettler. The book is available on Amazon Kindle and Createspace (on-demand printing).

The videos for the site were produced by me. Dan Lambert was our videographer. Website blog posts  written by MJ Odingreen. All other writing (e-commerce, landing page, etc.) are written by me.

The website uses WooCommerce for sales and we capture emails on Mailchimp using Wistia video hosting.

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The Stuff Really Matters podcast

This Stuff Really Matters podcast

This podcast  features quick lessons in U.S. government. If you've wondered what happens on a daily basis in our government, this is for you. Dawn Willging provides some very useful and succinct information.

For this project, my production tasks include sound engineering and editing, graphics creation. I also perform management of the Libsyn podcast hosting account and making sure the podcast appears correctly on iTunes.

NOTE: this podcast is currently offline and no URL/Link is available.

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Optimum 365 Landing Page

Optimum 365 Wellness Program - landing page

Optimum 365 is a wellness program. Developed by personal trainer Les Sparks, its original format is as an 8-part seminar delivered live by Sparks himself. This landing page was created in tandem with a Facebook advertising program to accept signups for the program. I'm currently working Les to put the program online.

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Willging Creative Solutions

Willging Creative Solutions

Dawn Willing, management and process consultant, uses this site to promote her services.